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Compunet Consulting.

Compunet Consulting is a growing technology firm with an emphasis on delivering results through outstanding customer service to schools and parishes in Southeast Wisconsin. 

We aim to give our customers a service that makes them feel like they have their own internal IT department, but without the large cost normally associated with having an IT department.

We don’t believe tight budgets should prevent schools from receiving quality technology support. That’s why we provide an all-inclusive, affordable IT solution that means your staff can focus on helping your students succeed in class.

Our history

Compunet Consulting was founded by Michael Spitz in 1999. Michael is a schools IT veteran and has been supporting technology in education since 1994.

Where we work

Compunet Consulting currently supports 30+ schools and parishes across Southeastern Wisconsin. We offer support in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha, Washington and Ozaukee counties.


We support two Archdiocesan schools that have received Exemplary Recognition in Technology Integration during their accreditations.

Confidence in our staff

Due to the sensitive nature of working in schools and among children, we perform extensive background checks on new employees. Additionally, every employee must sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the privacy of personal identifiable information and sensitive network data.  

Going above and beyond.

We encourage technology curriculum integration and will go to any length to help you achieve success at your school.  We can contribute to your technology committee meetings and planning activities and will provide support out of hours to minimize interruption to your staff and students.

Focusing on the bigger picture.

A school technology committee was trying to determine what new classroom technology to purchase. During the meetings, they were directing all their energies to the brand and specification of the devices they would buy.

A new vision for  technology in the classroom.

Compunet Consulting were invited to their meetings and helped them understand how technology could be used to assist the student learning environment.

We gave them examples of how other schools were benefiting from the technology and encouraged them to start looking at specific programs – Google Classroom and Youtube for Schools in particular.

The discussion shifted from “how much memory should a computer have” to how different technology platforms could be used. The technology committee quickly started strategizing on longer- term objectives such as training and professional development for teachers.

We recommended a few options for Chromebooks, and took care of ordering and setting them up.

Everyone’s time was used more productively with better outcomes for the school and its students.

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We're passionate about getting affordable, effective technology into schools. Witnessing the difference it makes in students’ lives makes us proud of what we do and drives us to provide even higher levels of service.

Michael Spitz - Owner, Compunet Consulting

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